6 thoughts on “Seers: the Prophetic Eyes of the Church | Part 5a: Philippa – a normal Swedish seer

  1. Thanks, Philippa, for sharing your story. Nice to read from a fellow-seer. And yes, sometimes the Lord shows things hard to grasp or explain. Again, thanks…


  2. I finally had some hope for help with this website. No new age garbage. A rational Christian view. This is what I’ve known for a long time but finding seers to help others, especially in the US, is near impossible. Then I discovered David is taking a year off. I’m so utterly at the end of my rope of life. No help in sight.


    1. I’m sad to hear about your situation and frustration. The need is great, but the seers with experience are few, I guess. As you said I’m on a sabbatical year of rest a re:focus.

      I pray that God may be your strength and lead you to the people and solutions you need. Blessings!


    2. You might want to take a look at SeersSee.com while David is on sabbatical. I was really excited with Phillipa’s testimony and was anxious to read the rest but this is it for now. 😦


  3. I am a seer and have learned so much on here .Nobody believe me what I say until it come to pass ..Now I’m understanding slot more please do more on this??


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