Seers – the Prophetic Eyes of the Church | Part 4: Response to Common Objections

img_9902There are reasons why so few seers choose to tell their story. The fear of being misunderstood, regarded as a freak or blamed for being unbalanced or even demonized is a very efficient ”gag”.  At the same time, for most of us it’s only natural to react with suspicion and a critically examining attitude when we encounter something new. Many churches have been relatively quiet on the subject of the power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the unseen realm, angels and demons and most of the things in the Bible that are clearly supernatural. It’s therefore not surprising that the seer prophet’s ministry is regarded as something new and challenging.

Most seers have never received any clear guidance or teaching on the seer prophetic, and so they often find it hard to respond to critical questions and objections from people around them. Below I will try to answer some of the most common objections a seer will encounter:

1. ”We are not meant to see into the invisible realm”

”Since God hasn’t created us to see angels, demons and other things in the invisible realm with our physical eyes, we probably shouldn’t explore these things”, some people argue. First of all, our blindness towards the unseen reality could be a consequence of the Fall, and not how God intended things to be in the first place. Secondly, God has given us the gift of the discerning of spirits and the seer anointing because He wants us to see and discern beyond the mere physical. Thirdly, as I showed in Part 2 of this blog series, there are many passages in the Bible where people do see into the invisible realm.

2. ”It is dangerous to see angels and to interact with them”

Christians in the Western world are quick to give the warning that angels might distract us from focusing on Jesus. They point out that Paul on one occasion criticized the worship of angels (Col. 2:18). The problem is that the Bible does not seem to share this fear, since angels are mentioned over 300 times. While angels are often present at the centre of events, they are not themselves the centre. Angels announce the birth of Jesus, warn Joseph about Herod in a dream and then tell Joseph when it is safe to return to Israel. Angels are ministering to Jesus after He was tempted in the desert, they are present at the grave of Jesus and they give Philip directions for evangelism etc.

The power and glory of Jesus is way surpassing the angels’ and the competition is over even before it began. The risk that angels would fascinate more than Jesus is not as big as many might think. One of my seer friends tells me that the more she gets in contact with angels, the more she falls in love with Jesus, since they constantly point towards Him. And should we, like John the apostle, happen show inappropriate reverence toward an angel, the angel will correct us (Rev. 22:8-9).

Unfortunately we often choose verses from the Bible to confirm our own opinions. The fact that so many of us directly think of Paul’s warning in Col. 2:18, and not of any of the other hundreds of verses, speaks more about our lack of experience with angels than of anything else.

Many Christians know very little about the ministry of angels, but most of them have heard the following rule, which is not found in the Bible: “You must not talk to angels”. After a few minutes’ conversation most of them realize that many people in the Bible do talk to angels. Then they say that you must not initiate conversations with angels, an idea that also cannot be found in the Bible. The point is not who starts the conversations, but that we, like John says, must test the spirits (1 John 4:1). Talking to angels is not more dangerous than talking to people – both can lead us astray. It is not uncommon for people to say that we must not talk to angels since we’re not allowed to worship angels. Personally I find it hard to see the logic in that. If I talk to my rabbit, does that mean that I worship it?  

I see angels as fellow servants of God. They are always there and always active, but are never themselves the centre of things. Like I pointed out in my last blog post, co-operation with angels is part of the seer prophet’s ministry. Seeing what the angels do becomes a way of seeing what the Father does.

Having said this, it is very important to diligently test everything angels might say. And if a being presents itself as an angel, we must test and discern whether that’s really the case. Seer prophets also need to open up for other people to come alongside and help them test their revelation and hold them accountable. As an individual and as a church it is also important not to put an exaggerated focus on angels and other peripheral things. However, since we usually are way out on the minus end of the scale, it’s important for us to realise that any small increase is likely to be interpreted as an unsound exaggeration.

3. ”The seer prophetic is not Biblical”

In The Deep End of the Prophetic Swimming Pool I showed that support for the seer prophet’s ministry is found both in the Old and the New Testament. The Bible describes trances, the prophetic anointing, angelic visitations, seeing angels in the invisible realm, heavenly visions, being transported to heaven in one’s spirit, travelling ”in the spirit” as well as being physically transported.

4. ”Seers are related to mediums and other kind of New Age spirituality”

”For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities.” (Col. 1:16)

God has created the visible as well as the invisible, angels and demons. Therefore, when people from different religions explore the spiritual reality it must look like Biblical Christian faith to some extent. Just because people within the New Age practice healing, it doesn’t mean that Jesus or the first Church (or we) practice New Age when we pray for the sick.

Satan cannot create anything new, only copy what God is doing. Demons are angels who once were created by God and then fell. Today they use their abilities to serve what’s evil in a distorted way. It is therefore not surprising that Satan, e.g. through the New Age movement, tries to copy what God is doing. If there is a cheap copy, it means that there is an original from God, precious enough to copy. There are those within the New Age who function more or less in the same way as Christian prophets do. The difference is the source of the revelation.

5. ”The spiritual reality is dangerous and few people are ready for this teaching”

It is true that the gift of the discerning of spirits and the seer prophetic can be difficult to handle on one’s own. Therefore we need more teaching about these things, not less. When the things we call supernatural become just as familiar as those we call natural, then the Church becomes a safe place for people to grow and receive guidance.

Some people argue that young people shouldn’t receive any teaching on these topic. My response is: ”Should we not give guidance to young seer prophets?” The thing is, they are already functioning in these gifts – so giving them Biblical teaching and practical guidance makes them less exposed or prone to imbalance.

I think that we have an unsound fear of everything supernatural. It could actually be more dangerous to give a young person the responsibility of leading worship from a stage (pride) than to impart the gift of the discerning of spirits. Another thing we might not always think about is that those we see and discern in some ways are more protected than others. How would you rather walk through a minefield – with or without a mine detector? It is often easier for seers than for others to detect the enemy’s lies, unsound people, destructive atmospheres etc.

The notion that one must be 25+ and more or less perfect in order to hear teaching on deep prophetic topics says a lot about the Western world’s fear of the supernatural. The problem is that few mature Christians have the knowledge needed to give guidance to seers. On the other hand, wisdom and an open mind go a long way. When I began to meet seers I had very little knowledge on the subject, but because I’m familiar with spiritual guidance in general and because I was open, I could still help and guide people to some extent.

Consider how early God called Samuel to be a prophet (1 Sam. 3:1-10). Samuel had Eli to guide him. The problem is usually not age, but a lack of mentorship. Unfortunately, since the seer prophetic is in a pioneer phase in Sweden and other parts of the world, there is a real lack of people who have walked the road themselves.

6. ”If someone sees things before they are saved it’s demonic”

I used to think along those lines myself, but realised later that it is a myth. It is true that there are divination spirits and that these may be inherited from one generation to another in a specific family line. I have met young people who don’t know Jesus who clearly have been under the influence of such spirits. Even if Jesus can use the person’s ability to see to show Himself to them, I would never encourage such a person to use his or her ability for the Kingdom of God. The person first has to disclaim all other spirituality, get saved and free. Since divination spirits often seek out people with a ”prophetic vein and aptitude” it is not unusual that God afterwards equip and use the person in the prophetic.

But, as I said, it’s a myth that everyone who has been able to see since they were little is demonized or has a divination spirit. Because between black and white there is a grey area. It’s not a new thought that God has placed gifts within His creation and that people are born with different abilities and aptitudes. Neither is it anything new that we are spiritual creations, that a third of us is spirit (body and soul being the other two thirds). The fact that some people are born with a sharper spiritual sensitivity is something completely natural. When such people are saved and filled with the Spirit, their gifts get under Gods influence and are completed. Satan’s plan is to recruit these people and have them use their gifts in his service. Then they often get a ”spirit guide” which empower their ”natural” ability.

So what is my point with all this? My point is that we must test each case separately, and be diligent to discern. And also that we shouldn’t be surprised that many seers and prophetic people experience things differently to some degree. This is true not only for the prophetic, but also for a natural aptitude for leadership, administration, creativity etc. God wants to use our gifts in order to do good, and Satan wants to use them for his own agenda. Mother Theresa as well as Hitler were created into the image of God with amazing gifts – but chose to use them in different ways.

Again, it becomes very clear how much we need spiritual guidance and mentors who have walked the road before us. People who have always been able to see and discern need help to navigate. That’s why this blog series is so important. And that’s why this blog series is not enough – many more need to start teaching about these things so that our collective knowledge and experience grow. Precious people all over this country deserve more than what the Church have been able to give them so far. Let’s change this!


I’m sure there are more objections or relevant questions that I have not listed here. It’s a good thing to really wrestle with those questions, and it’s important to do so, so please do not hesitate to share your own questions and thoughts! 



3 thoughts on “Seers – the Prophetic Eyes of the Church | Part 4: Response to Common Objections

  1. Your commits are very helpful to me. I have one question. Can a person that only see the demonic be a seer.Does God use that to.


    1. That’s great to hear! Yes, some people tend to be used of God mainly to discern the enemies activity, while others see more of the light side of things. Other see both quite equally.


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