Seers: the Prophetic Eyes of the Church | part 3 – A Seer Prophet’s ministry


It’s finally time to take a closer look at the core of the seer prophet’s ministry. My hope is that after reading this blog post you will understand how important these people are and how much good fruit they can produce for the Kingdom of God.

In Part 1 I presented my definition of a seer:

”A seer prophet is the Church’s prophetic eyes who mainly receives visual communication from God and who is given heavenly revelations and experiences.”

A seer, therefore, is a prophet whose ministry is based on the ability to see into the invisible realm and into the heavenlies. In this blog post, when I go through the seer prophet’s ministry, all the points rest on this foundational ability. Biblical support for the ability to see into the invisible is found e.g. in the passage where Elisha and his servant saw into the invisible realm (2 Kings 6:13-17).

1. The discerning of spirits

Even though seer prophets might not be as focused on discernment as those with the gift of the discerning of spirits, discernment is still part of their ministry.  When praying for healing, for instance, a seer can sometimes see when a spirit of infirmity is involved. On a number of occasions I have seen smoke of different colours begin to fill the room (in the unseen reality) when people are talking. This has been God’s way of showing me that the source of their words was either soulish in a negative sense or demonic.

A seer can see both positive and negative things over homes, churches, people, cities and nations.

2. Co-operating with God in the unseen reality

Jesus said that he only did what He saw the Father doing (John 5:19). Elisha saw the mighty heavenly army and acted boldly as a result (2 Kings 6:13ff). Israel was to wait till they heard angels marching through the treetops before they attacked the Philistines (2 Sam. 5:23-24). Ezekiel saw a scroll that God told him to eat (Ez. 3:3). Philip saw an angel and did what the angel told him to do (Acts. 8:26).

In the same way, a seer is not only a passive spectator. At a gathering in my home one night I was one of the worship leaders. God was present and moved among us from the start, but it was obvious that something shifted in the atmosphere after we’d worshipped for a while. One of the seers who were there told me afterwards that there had been a fight in the unseen realm over the house, and that it had taken 20 minutes before the angels won a complete victory and God’s peace reigned in the place. The person had not only seen the fight, but God had also showed the person how to pray and thus speed up God’s victory.

Another seer friend has told me how he sometimes sees angels go up to a person and hold their wings around them. When this happens he often goes to the person, asks them how they are doing and sometimes prays for them according to what he sees (even though most of the time he doesn’t tell them what he has seen).

I sometimes see what God is doing in a person’s life and when I pray according to His revealed will the prayer is powerful. At other times I see what He would like to do, and when I start praying it happens.

I could give many examples of this, but the point is that when God shows something it is often an invitation to co-operate with what He is doing. Through prayer and prophetic acts the seer prophet can be a bridge between the unseen and the physical realm.

3. Equip and anoint people to ministry

The Old Testament shows us that part of the prophet Samuel’s ministry was to equip and anoint people for ministry. He anointed both Saul and David to be kings. Likewise, modern seer prophets can feel led to do similar things. It is not unusual for a seer to see how God wants to equip people with gifts, with power or with a new dimension in their ministry. Then when the seer prays it is very encouraging for the person being prayed for, but it also often leads to a real encounter where the person experiences how God is doing something new.

4. Receiving revelations from God and having heavenly experiences

In my last blog post we saw how Ezekiel, Isaiah and John were given heavenly revelations and experiences. These led to new insights and words from God, but also to personal change and a calling for the prophets themselves (especially for Isaiah). When I’ve met different seers I’ve realized that almost everyone has had some sort of vision of heaven or experienced how they were taken into heaven in their spirit. Some of them received their calling to be a seer prophet in heaven. Others were given messages of different kinds there. Others had powerful encounters with God there, which truly changed them.

Seers often have a stronger awareness of the heavenly realm, even here on earth, than what most people have. Seers spiritual senses also seem to be more awakened and God at times let them travel in their spirit to do a certain task for his Kingdom.

5. Equipping the Church in the seer prophetic

The purpose of the fivefold ministry is to equip the whole Church. When all five gifts are functioning and actively equipping and guiding, the whole Church grows and matures. Everyone becomes more apostolic, prophetic, evangelising and grows in knowledge and loving care. The seer prophets are not only called to see themselves, but to help others see. Personally I’m convinced that basically everyone can learn to see to some degree. I will write more about that in Part 10.


…things happen! Seers tend to stir up amazement, longing and an awareness of the reality of God through their ministry. They discern, pray with precision, anoint to ministry, share revelations and equip others in the seer prophetic. Seers remind us that God the invisible always is in the midst of us, and that reality is more than what the eye can see.

The Church needs the seer prophets.
The world needs the seer prophets.



5 thoughts on “Seers: the Prophetic Eyes of the Church | part 3 – A Seer Prophet’s ministry

  1. Hi David,

    I have a question for you on your first point of discerning spirits. You mention colored smoke sometimes fills the room and this is God’s way of showing you whether something being said is soulish or demonic. Have you ever experienced color in a room that was of God/heavenly? Thank you!


    1. Hi C. Verdad! 🙂
      Good question! Yes, at times I see different colors. Blue often stands for prophetic anointing, red for healing, yellow for Holy Spirit/power, white for God etc. Seers I know sometimes see God’s presence as smoke too.

      What are your experiences?

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  2. I don’t remember getting the same type of revelation too often. One time I’ll feel someone’s presence and that person will confront me. Then it happens again. Then I expect it and it doesn’t happen that way.
    For a time when I was young every time I was incontinent and single someone who knew someone I knew died. I don’t have that problem any more. Me and sex drive never got along well.

    Visions of people I never met and had no way of knowing I’d meet were preceded by having energy conglomerations rest on me many months previous. My mind was like a TV someone else had the remote control to. Every time the channel changed a new pattern of energy rested on me. Months later visions of people rested on me at night similar to the way the energy conglomerates did. The next day I drove a couple of hundred miles away and met the people I had no Idea would be there and never met before. This happened 2 other times in the next few years and stopped but other things happen.
    Once I know someone is nearsighted. Another time someone is going to have a baby girl. I see a demon looks like pig pen from Peanuts Comics. I rebuked it and it left. Then I get distorted vision where everything looks surreal from wondering about a possessed person. The demon is trying to answer my question. I told it I only was accepting answers from God and my vision became normal.

    Then its speaking instead of visions

    I read about the 2nd death in the Bible 4 times but wondered what was the first death. I’m walking not thinking about it and “Adam” comes to me. “On that day you will surely die” — the 1st death in the Bible. “As all die in Adam…” I realized we all are conceived separate from the eternal life Adam had in Eden. We died and went to hell the moment of conception and hope to be saved from hell before hell and Adam’s death are consumed by the lake of fire. Not the normal Christian view of it but completely Biblical.

    I had a weak conscience. After almost dying from being a fruitarian in Vermont God spoke to me — “Even if you could live perfectly like Adam and Eve in Eden what would stop you from doing what they did all over? I’m more concerned with the ego pride enforced by eating than the content”.

    I’m binging and confessing over and over “I ate too much”. One day the scripture comes to me “If you confess your sin He is faithful and just to cleanse you of all unrighteousness”. So next time I binge instead of confessing “I ate to much” I thank God for forgiving and cleansing me of eating too much and ask him to forgive my unbelief. He says “I never made a law on how much is too much but because you are using food as an escape you have guilt.” I was confessing the wrong sin. After that, in place of the urge to binge came an awareness of things that were bothering me I didn’t want to think about.
    The ones I didn’t want to deal with I suppressed. I woke up one day years later everything going good in my life but a horrible depressed feeling. I observed it 3 months and saw it was fear. It went away like an entity trying to hide but I didn’t know what I was afraid of. I observed it about 3 more months. An incident came up causing a flashback to childhood trauma. A shattered fragment of myself was frozen in fear for 40 years until everything was going ell and it felt comfortable to come out. I overcame fear and have never retained fear more than a day or 2 since and always situation related.

    A guy comes in a store I was working at and leaves. I tell a couple of people if they see him again tell him “You better watch out. Something bad is going to happen. If he asks What? tell him I don’t know but you better watch out.” The next day everyone is staring at me telling me how he fell off the latter and his finger was almost completely cut of and had to be sewed back on.

    It’s always something. I could bore you for hours. Like I told a guy telling me about all his visions “That’s wonderful but what I want to know — there’s an 87 year old sister living across the street from you. When was the last time you took out her trash for her?”


  3. Hi David ,my question is are seers called to the office of a prophet ? And why are seers rejected in the modern church’s today. I noticed I’m misunderstood a lot when I’m shown things I may speak on them and many times I’m quite because of the rejection and oppositions even when I’m silent and pray what is shown to me I find myself still being rejected from the church.


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